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“The key to pushing smart manufacturing forward is the open flow and exchange of data.”

Pierce Owen, Principal Analyst, ABI Research

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Latest Episodes

Hillel Rubinstein - D-MARS

Final Analysis: A Leading Research Firm’s take on the Future of IIoT with ABI Research’s Pierce Owens

This week on First Things First, I have an insightful chat with ABI Research’s Pierce Owens, a Principal Analyst at the leading analyst firm specializing in transformative technologies across multiple end markets. With no topic untouched, we talk more about his specialty of smart manufacturing – from Industrial IoT, to AR, to robotics, and everything in between!

Hillel Rubinstein - D-MARS

Mission to Mars: Testing Space Technology in the Negev Desert with Dr. Hillel Rubinstein of D-MARS

In this episode of First Things First, I sit down with Dr. Hillel Rubinstein of Desert Mars Analog Ramon Station, or D-MARS, an analog mission center created to test what humans may be able to do on other planets.

Dennis Suber - Robotics Within Reach

Bringing in the Next Generation of Robotics with Denny Suber from Robotics Within Reach

This week on First Things First, I sit down to chat with Denny Suber, the founder of Robotics Within Reach, an industrial automation engineering company that specializes in Fanuc robot programming and training. Denny shares a few stories from customers who learned important lessons about robotics and IoT.

Shehryar Wahid - Agile

The Internet of Life Saving Things: Building a Mobile Communications Hub for Emergency Services with Agile’s Shehryar Wahid

This week on First Things First, I sit down to chat with Shehryar Wahid, the Chief Technology Officer of Agile Interoperable Solutions (AIS). Agile’s CORE mobile communications hub helps emergency responders and other mission critical organizations stay connected in situations where communication can mean the difference between life and death.

Dan Lockney - NASA

Down to Earth: How NASA tech can get your next IoT deployment off the Ground, with NASA’s Dan Lockney

This week on First Things First, I sit down to chat with Dan Lockney, the Technology Transfer Program Executive at NASA. We discuss what the NASA Technology Transfer Program does, talk about some of the commercial applications of NASA’s technologies, and dive into the rich resources that NASA provides for engineers that are looking for new ways to innovate.