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Latest Episodes

First Things First: Series Wrap-up

This is it! All good things must come to an end. Listen to the First Things First series wrap-up as we highlight IoT stories from some of our favorite guests. The FTF team is very grateful for all the support and we hope that you enjoyed our show. Even though the podcast is ending, we’re happy to keep the conversation going via our different social media channels. We look forward to hearing your IoT stories.

Massive IoT, Massive Mess – Why Cellular Connection Management is So Important for LPWA

Millions of new LPWA devices will require their own data plans, just like your cellphone. How can these all be managed at once? Telit IoT expert Alon Segal discusses exactly what features enterprises should expect from their connectivity provider in order to manage these devices.

How Pre-Provisioned and Personalized Modules Usher in a New Era of IoT Security

LPWA cellular technologies will enable enterprises to connect hundreds of thousands or millions of devices in a low-cost and efficient manner. But with millions of new devices comes millions of new potentially vulnerable endpoints. Telit IoT expert Alon Segal discusses why pre-provisioned and customized cellular IoT modules at the point of manufacture are necessary to secure the ‘leading edge’ of enterprise innovation in the IoT.

What is An Intelligent Module?

Telit IoT expert Martino Turcato tell us what an intelligent module is, and why it is the next natural step for the cellular IoT industry and its customers.

Deployment Management for the IoT

In the world of virtual SIMs, onboarding can be accomplished in a completely digital, zero-touch manner. Telit IoT expert Martino Turcato discusses the implications of such potentially simple IoT operations.

Rising Stars: Tales of IoT up-and-comers at #MWC19 with Marc Pous

In this episode of First Things First, I sit down with Marc Pous, founder of, founder of the IoT Barcelona and Munich communities, and founder of the IoT Stars startup pitch event at Mobile World Congress.