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Not All Modules Are Created Equal

While cellular IoT modules might share a similar metallic cover and look, that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Inside is a complicated network of hardware and software enabling the ‘frontline’ of your enterprise – whether that in a smart home, in a smart agriculture sensor, or smart fleet.

High Tech Meets High Seas: Creating an IoT Sail Boat Tracking Solution

Already an expert in the development of medical software and devices, Italian company Meteda to expand its horizons to a completely unrelated industry to make a positive addition to an important industry in the hearts and minds of the residents of its coastal hometown of San Benedetto del Tronto: sailing.

On the Edge: Why the Key to IoT-Scale Lies at the Outer Limits of Your IoT Deployment

Cellular LP-WAN and 5G tech are the tipping point for accessible Enterprise IoT at scale. Are you ready to harness this for your own organization’s digital transformation? Listen to Telit IoT Expert Alon Segal discuss enterprise knowledge gaps, deployment problems, and ultimately the true solution for IoT-at-Scale: the Edge.

Rising Stars: Tales of IoT up-and-comers at #MWC19 with Marc Pous

In this episode of First Things First, I sit down with Marc Pous, founder of, founder of the IoT Barcelona and Munich communities, and founder of the IoT Stars startup pitch event at Mobile World Congress.

Location, Location, Location: Integrating GNSS Into Your IoT Device

In this episode of First Things First, I sit down with Georgia Frousiakis, Vice President of R&D GNSS at Telit.