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Here are the IoT war stories you’ve always wanted to hear. The engaging, enlightening, and downright embarrassing stories of IoT implementations from IoT experts around the world. We get them to share what worked, what didn’t, and what was flat-out embarrassing as they soldiered on to a successful IoT implementation.

Whether you’re an executive interested in the ways that IoT applications can improve your bottom line or an engineer currently working on – or planning to start – developing IoT deployments, you can gain unique insights from the stories you hear on our show (and avoid the missteps and mistakes of our guests!).  After each episode of First Things First, you’ll leave with ideas based on real-world experience about what works – and as important, what doesn’t – in the world of IoT.

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About the Host

Chris Carpentier is a part of the marketing team at Telit – an end-to-end IoT enablement company. What can we tell you about Chris? Well, he hosts the First Things First podcast, he’s shockingly handsome, and became intrigued by the Internet of Everything after his fridge told him he was out of milk. He’s been learning about it ever since. Chris is ready to get to the heart of each guest’s story with humor, curiosity, insightful questions, and the ability to commiserate when needed.

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First Things First is sponsored by Telit, a global provider of wireless connectivity modulesplatforms, IoT operator services and professional services. Telit supports thousands of direct and indirect customers by enabling hundreds of millions of connected ‘things.’ With almost two decades of IoT innovation experience, Telit delivers secure, integrated end-to-end IoT solutions for many of the world’s largest brands, including enterprises, OEMs, system integrators, and service providers across industries.