A Love Story from the Factory Floor with Telit’s Ricardo Buranello

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In this episode of First Things First, I sit down with Ricardo Buranello from Telit to talk about one automotive manufacturer’s IoT journey. Ricardo shares with us his insights from working with industrial IoT clients about the value that an outside IoT vendor can bring to any organization.

The Story:
An Automotive Manufacturer Discovers

Ricardo tells a laugh-out-loud story of how one major automotive manufacturer found a very surprising and human story behind their machine’s data. Using his experience working with manufacturers implementing IoT, Ricardo offers advice for organizations that are considering developing their own IoT applications.

The Lesson:
Keep Your Organization Agile

Even organizations outside of the manufacturing industry can learn from Ricardo’s story:

  • Stay on your toes. When it comes to IoT implementation, agility is essential if you want to quickly adapt to your organization’s needs.
  • Looks outside your organization. There’s no need to develop new IoT applications when the right tools are already out there just waiting to be implemented.
  • Keep an open mind. If you only design your solution to collect the data points of today, you’ll miss the opportunities of tomorrow.

About Our Guest: Ricardo Buranello

Ricardo Buranello is the VP of Global Sales, Factory Solutions at Telit. With a strong background in management, strategic planning, sales, and manufacturing, Ricardo has worked in a number of different positions at Telit during his decade-long tenure.

You can reach out to Ricardo Buranello on LinkedIn.

Learn more about Telit and access a wealth of IoT resources at www.telit.com or request a free one-hour consultation with an IIoT specialist.

Show Notes

Don’t miss some of this episode’s memorable moments:

0:57 – Meet Ricardo Burnello, VP of the IoT Factory Solutions team at Telit.

3:45 – Learn more about the technologies Telit offers for the manufacturing vertical.

5:17 – Ricardo reveals why he thinks it’s better to buy rather than build IoT applications.

7:20 – Ricardo brings us a “love story” from the factory floor from a large tier one automotive manufacturer.

11:38 – Ricardo shares why this automotive manufacturer decided to work with an outside IoT vendor rather than building the infrastructure themselves.

12:40 – Ricardo explains the ultimate business outcomes for this automotive manufacturer.

14:25 – Find out more about bringing data from the device to the back end (OT to IT) for IoT, in both factory and non-factory applications.

17:25 – Chris wraps up the podcast with a few key takeaways from Ricardo’s IoT factory love story.

18:00 – Find out where you can connect with Ricardo and find a lot of great IoT resources or reach out to one of Telit’s IoT experts.


“We don’t find companies anymore investing real money in developing their ERP. They simply go to the best tools that are available in the market.”

“Twenty years ago, nobody was looking 24/7 at a small screen like we are today with cell phones. IoT is definitely changing human behavior, and it should change human behavior for the best. And I believe that when this is applied in manufacturing environments, the benefits are really huge.”

“Why reinvent the wheel every time you are going to use it?”

“With IoT, we bring all the data from machines, and we integrate it in the big infrastructure of IT that is running all the processes. And that can really make things better.”

“We live in a world where projects cannot take months. This is the reality. We need to be combative. The types of products shift very quickly. The layout of the lines also change as quickly as the product does. So we really cannot as engineers spend months and months developing something that could be implemented in only a few days.”

“Industrial IoT projects can be efficiently implemented only in a couple of days if you really choose the right tools.”

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