Bringing in the Next Generation of Robotics with Denny Suber from Robotics Within Reach

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This week on First Things First, I sit down to chat with Denny Suber, the founder of Robotics Within Reach, an industrial automation engineering company that specializes in Fanuc robot programming and training. Denny shares a few stories from customers who learned important lessons about robotics and IoT.

The Story:
Robotics Within Reach Helps Businesses Get the Most Out of Their Robotics Tech

Denny Suber is an Industrial Robotic/Automation Engineer who started Robotics Within Reach as a way to provide education, programming, and consultation services to organizations using robotics technology. In this episode, he shares stories about 3 different organizations that he helped get the most out of their robots.

The Lesson:
Stay Agile and Keep an Open Mind

No matter the application, robotics or otherwise, it’s important for every IoT implementer to stay agile and keep an open mind when developing new solutions:

  • What used to work won’t always work in the future. Technology is constantly changing. Just because something worked well before, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the solution this time around. Keep an open mind when developing solutions.
  • Choose the right technology partner. If you want to be able to stay agile, you need to work with the right IoT platform provider and choose the right hardware that will allow you to stay flexible and adapt to new technologies.
  • Use data to make improvements. Data can help you better understand and improve your processes as well as predict important things like when your machines need maintenance or are about to breakdown.

About Our Guest: Denny Suber

Denny Suber is the founder of Robotics Within Reach, an industrial automation engineering company specializing in Fanuc robot programming and training. Denny works with local schools to provide Fanuc robot training, including course curriculum design and instruction. He also works with local businesses to provide and deliver customized on-site Fanuc training for employees as well as automation consulting.

Denny currently works as an Automation Engineer at Magna International. Prior to this position, he served as a Robotics Instructor at Owens Community College in Toledo, OH and worked as an Electrical and Robotics Engineer for Pioneer Industrial Systems.

You can find Denny on LinkedIn or check out Robotics Within Reach on LinkedIn.

Show Notes

Don’t miss some of this episode’s memorable moments:

0:32 – Chris introduces today’s guest, Denny Suber, with a brief discussion of robotics in IoT

2:38 – Denny explains what Robotics Within Reach is and what they do to help organizations learn about the robotic technology they are currently using or want to use.

6:49 – Denny discusses some of the most important things that Robotics Within Reach teaches students about robotics.

9:53 – Denny explains what a collaborative robot is and how it differs from a normal robot for different applications.

14:50 – Denny begins his story about a customer he helped remotely with their robotic technology.

17:31 – Chris chimes in on the importance of remote connectivity for IoT and robotics technology.

21:63 – Denny shares a story about a customer who wanted to connect the robot to their database to collect important data about the robot cycle time.

27:20 – Denny shares another story about how he is helping a customer use data from the robots for predictive maintenance.

29:29 – Chris wraps up the show, and Denny shares his final thoughts.


“The way that your company is doing things now – the way robots program now or the way it connects to devices now, the way you collect data now – might not always be the right answer in the future. Don’t settle with what you’re doing now. Technology changes so fast… Keep an open mind. You don’t have to do the same thing just because that’s what’s been done in the past.”

“IoT connectivity is definitely [something] every company is going to have to invest in because… maybe the person who built your machine is not going to be right in your town or the expert on this machine or robot is not going to be right in your town. So you’re going to have to have an IoT connectivity solution… and it has to be robust just to get the support.”

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