Cutting Edge: 30+ Years of Perspective on the Future of Embedded Software

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In this episode of First Things First, I sit down with Ed Kuzemchak, founder Software Design Solutions (SDS) a developer of high-quality software for embedded systems.

The Story

The Past, Present, and Future of Embedded Software Solutions

Over nearly a 30 year-long career, Ed Kuzemchak has established himself as one of the foremost experts in the realm of embedded software design. Starting as a software engineer at Raytheon Missile systems, Ed established himself as Chief Software Architect at Texas instruments, where he developed new graphical debugger interfaces and integrated development environments. In particular, Ed championed Graphic User Interfaces as an important step for making embedded systems more user friendly.

The Lesson

User Friendliness drives ROI

As Ed has demonstrated throughout his career, it is of critical importance to remember the user experience. No matter what problem your technology solves… if it isn’t nice for the user to control…. They’ll only put up with it until they find a better method.

  • Consider new technologies that are coming with advent of cellular ‘Mobile IoT’ technologies like NB-IoT and Cat-M. In one instance, Ed discuss how MEMs-sized sensors are now able to power themselves through energy harvesting. Imagine a water flow sensor being powered by the very current it’s meant to measure!
  • Cloud Based Machine Learning is evolving in more ways then one. On the edge and in the cloud, technologies exist to optimize data collection and analyzation. Ed explains some of the best ways to decide what will work for you.
  • Customizing Asset Management solutions can also deliver a better user experience. In this example, Ed explains how he deep dives into customers’ business models and operation in order to specialize the solutions SDS provides.

And as a bonus, hear why Ed decided to let go of the CEO position and focus on being CTO instead!

About Our Guest: Ed Kuzemchak

Ed is the founder of Software Design Solutions. He has been creating embedded software solutions for nearly 30 years and has been the president of Software Design Solutions for over 13 years. The company provides embedded system software development, desktop application development and software process improvement consulting. Software Design Solutions is also able to provide temporary software engineers for projects greater than the scope of its clients’ abilities and to provide experienced programmers to companies who need to focus on other lines of business.


What we’re delivering to them is their ROI. Not pieces that they have to figure out how to make ROI out of.

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