How Pre-Provisioned and Personalized Modules Usher in a New Era of IoT Security

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LPWA cellular technologies will enable enterprises to connect hundreds of thousands or millions of devices in a low-cost and efficient manner. But with millions of new devices comes millions of new potentially vulnerable endpoints. Telit IoT expert Alon Segal discusses why pre-provisioned and customized cellular IoT modules at the point of manufacture are necessary to secure the ‘leading edge’ of enterprise innovation in the IoT.

About Our Guest: Alon Segal

Alon Segal is responsible for the technology roadmap and product strategy. He is a visionary technologist and Entrepreneur with global work experience. Throughout his career he has held senior technical roles that contributed to business growth and leading edge innovation. Prior to joining Telit Alon was the Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Zoeticx, a ground breaking SaaS middleware solution that turns healthcare IT into an active environment, where patient medical information reaches out for providers’ attention.

Alon served as Vice President of Portfolio Product Management at Amdocs (NYSE:DOX) a $3B Telecom billing giant where he was responsible for the overall product portfolio roadmap and alignment. He was founder and CEO at Telespree Communications, a leading enabler of cloud-based wireless data services (Acquired by Evolving Systems). Prior to Telespree, Alon worked at Electronics For Imaging (NSADAQ:EFII) as a General Manager for Production Printing Systems, EFI's most profitable business unit.

Alon has authored and been granted multiple patents, and his industry efforts have been recognized throughout his career as a recipient of numerous awards. Alon received an MBA in Finance and Operations Research from Tel Aviv University and a B.Cs Cum Laude from Technion (Israel Institute of Technology).

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