Rising Stars: Tales of IoT up-and-comers at #MWC19 with Marc Pous

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In this episode of First Things First, I sit down with Marc Pous, founder of thethings.io, founder of the IoT Barcelona and Munich communities, and founder of the IoT Stars startup pitch event at Mobile World Congress.

The Story

Aim for the Stars – Giving IoT Startups a Leg Up

Marc gives us insight into developing the IoT Barcelona and Munich communities. We talk to Marc about some of the patterns he has seen across the years. What IoT Startups are successful? What technologies are they looking for? Why do investors choose one startup over another in his competitions?

The Lesson

Stay Involved with the community

No matter what Marc and I could have talked about on the show, the lesson was always going to be same: being involved in your local technology community pays dividends.

  • From IoT meetup groups to language-specific software and hardware development groups, and ‘maker’ hardware enthusiast meetups, each one of us can find an appropriate community that will help us be better IoT professionals.
  • Startups at pitch events can provide the best look into what the up and coming technologies for an industry is. Maybe not so easy for larger companies to implement such fast-moving technologies due to agility or scale concerns, but still worth knowing and understanding.
  • Volunteering at such events provides you even more professional clout and gives you that warm and fuzzy ‘good-deed’ feeling inside – hooray! Volunteer today!

About Our Guest: Marc Pous

Marc Pous is a founder, Internet of Things advocate, researcher & developer, travel lover, rock music listener, book reader, basketball player and blog writer. Marc is from Barcelona, splitting his time between Barcelona and Munich. Marc’s accomplishments include:

  • Founder of the startup theThings.IO
  • C-founded the Spanish travel blog 3viajes.com with some friends.
  • Internet of Things evangelist and I organize the IoT Barcelona community and co-organize the IoT Munich meetup.
  • Been involved on Internet of Things projects such as One Seat Away exposed at the Sonar+D in Barcelona (2013) and the infamous Oktoberfest of Things.
  • I created the City Operating System idea and the Barcelona Barcodes project.
  • Won with Marc Planagumà the FirefoxOS hackathon at the MWC 2013 Wip Jam with the Vibrycing application.
  • Designed and developed with Philipp Rossmanith and Miguel Dahbar the Mozilla Jetpack beta plugin HooverNotes finalist of the Challenge Mozilla Jetpack 4 Learning Design which was presented at SXSW 2010.

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